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Our Services

Rich and Thompson Funeral and Cremation Service is a full service funeral establishment offering personal, distinctive and affordable services to the families that we serve. The staff of Rich and Thompson has learned through the years to listen to our families and offer suggestions that we feel may make the funeral or memorial service a more meaningful experience for family and friends and a tribute to the life of their loved one.

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Funeral Services

A funeral service, by definition, is a service with the casketed body of the deceased present. As society changes, so do the desires and wishes of people when making funeral arrangements. No longer should funerals of any type be labeled as traditional. Every family is invited to add a personal touch to the arrangements. In the past, a funeral service was traditionally a standard rite with very little difference in one service to another within the same religious affiliation. Families visited with friends at the funeral home the night before the service and typically a funeral, at a church or the funeral home, followed the next day. After processing to a cemetery, a committal service was held.

Families now understand that they have control of the arrangements and are making decisions that best suit their desires and wishes. Every funeral is unique and should be looked at as such. No longer are visitations the night before a funeral service considered a requirement. We now have many visitations immediately prior to a funeral or graveside service. Sometimes families will even choose to have a gathering of family and friends with refreshments after the service. The locations are no longer limited to churches and funeral homes. Places with meaning to the family or the deceased are now being considered and used for services.

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Memorial Services

Memorial services are held when there is not a casketed body present at the service. Burial may have occurred prior to the memorial service being held, or cremated remains may be present. There may still be a procession to a cemetery or other place of burial or inurnment if the cremated remains are to be buried or inurned. Like funeral services, memorial services can be held at a church, the funeral home or at some other location that suits the family's needs. Memorial services may be held shortly after a death, or they may be held at a later date selected by the family.

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Graveside Services

A graveside service foregoes any service at a church, chapel or other location. The entire service is held at the grave or crypt. A grave or crypt side service is a sensible alternative for small services.

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Cremation Services

Cremation is the process of reducing whole human remains to smaller cremated remains, commonly referred to as cremains. There is evidence of cremation as far back as the Neolithic period, where pottery vessels from that period have been discovered with cremated remains in them. Cremation has held its place in history as a method of honoring the dead with ceremonial funeral pyres. The first crematory was built in the United States in 1876.

Many families are now considering cremation as part of their funeral arrangements. No longer is cremation considered a method of final disposition. The cremation process is now just one of the steps in memorializing your loved one. As with funeral services, there is no traditional service involving cremation, every service can be unique and personalized to meet the family's wishes. Your funeral director will gladly offer your suggestions to make your tribute to your loved one a meaningful experience for family and friends.

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Death Occurring Away From Home

When a death occurs away from home, families can be uncertain of what to do. Rich and Thompson suggest that you call us as soon as possible to make us aware of the death. Regardless of where the death has occurred, out of state or out of the country, Rich and Thompson will arrange to have your loved one returned home in the most efficient manner possible. Our knowledge in this area will help save the family from unnecessary anxiety, expense and needless travel.

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